Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A sell-side and buy-side advisory services facilitate every step of the transaction or partnership process to ensure that your mission, culture and objectives lead to a successful outcome.

Analyze industry, competitive landscape and valuation, identify desired benefits and outcomes, and set search criteria for development of target list.

Apply search criteria to identify and evaluate universe of target companies, initiate contact, and develop list for distribution of confidential memorandum.

Prepare and distribute confidential information memorandum to interested parties under non-disclosure agreement, conduct initial meetings, and solicit offers.

Review and evaluate initial indications of interest and preliminary offers based on various client criteria.

In coordination with other members of the deal team, negotiate terms with interested parties.

Execute exclusive LOI outlining proposed transaction terms subject to satisfactory due diligence.

Assist proposed buyer with conducting a detailed examination of operations and confirm or adjust transaction terms.

In coordination with legal and accounting, assist with drafting and execution of final contract.

Assist with transaction execution and timely closing; remain available to address any post-closing issues.